excuses, excuses

When someone takes a vacation, s/he sometimes has to play catch-up with work, etc. after s/he is back from that vacation. Well, taking that two-week  ‘med vacation’ is certainly creating some problems for me right now. It has been a couple weeks since I got back on those chemicals, but the amount of work that I chose not to do during that ‘vacation’ is not making it easy for me to have enough time to adjust back, both mentally and physically, to the ‘norm.’ I suppose I could choose to stay up all night to get some work done, but keeping some sort of a sleep cycle is vitally important for those with bipolar disorder. The last thing I need is to become hypomanic (contrary to popular belief, my hypomanic moments do not result in getting work done. I instead end up baking and start to believe that I’m going to be NYT’s Maureen Dowd the next day….).

I told Dr. A that I was behind on assignments, and she immediately offered to write some note to the professors. As much as that would be nice, isn’t it my own fault that I took that vacation? When is it okay to say “I’ve been ill”? When you are mentally ill and have these episodes, you never quite know when it is legitimate for you to be excused from work or get an extension for assignments. With physical illness, it’s, well, physically obvious that you’ve been ill.With mental illness, there’s that additional issue about having to disclose something about your disorder. Even if the professor already knows about your condition, I hesitate to say it again.

I was supposed to turn in a rough draft for a class, but didn’t get it done in time. I finally decided to tell the professor the reason why I didn’t turn it in. I’m glad that he knows the reason why the draft is coming in late, but I feel like my reasoning still isn’t that legitimate.


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