The Cure

“I’m a 30-year old female; I’m a Japanese immigrant; I’m a patient of ECT; and I’m a blogger,” I said as I started my presentation about my ECT story. I thought the presentation went fine, and I didn’t cry like I thought I might (as I wrote in a previous post). What surprised me about the presentation? The questions I got afterward. Most of the questions had something to do with what I would do if I were suddenly cured. How would my identity change? What would I do with my blog?

I thought that the questions were really interesting, but kind of odd. But they do have me still thinking: Is my identity as a bipolar/ECT patient such a part of me that I wouldn’t know who I am if I were to suddenly be cured? Well, I thought about it, and the best answer I could come up with is to think about how we can call those who have been cured from cancer a ‘cancer survivor.’ It’s because just because something is over, that it’s no longer a part of you in some way. It’s part of my history—what makes me, well, me. And with other illnesses, it’s okay to keep a part of that past with you. Also, I hope that I don’t see myself simply as a bipolar person. I think I’m much more than just my illness.

And what would I do with my blog? Well, I don’t think my interest in mental health would change if I’m cured from mental illness, and I could still write about issues pertaining to mental health—and about living life in general. I’m sure I’ll have something to say, even if it might be about the NFL draft…..

Anyway, it is a good question: What if you were cured all of a sudden? What will happen?


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