End is near for National Poetry Month

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month, so I’ve summed up what’s going on in my life by attempting to write a little poem.


I’m surrounded by books
and papers, empty bottles
and food wrappers. And I am
concentrating hard on the
task at hand now that the
deadline is approaching
in just a few hours.
It’s too bad all my effort
is going to write a poem
for this blog of mine, as I
again put off going through
those papers that sit
scattered around me
like piles of garbage.

One Comment to “End is near for National Poetry Month”

  1. Gee, it sounds like my house as I’m packing boxes and boxes and procrastinating about packing boxes and boxes. Pack for 15 minutes, rest for an hour! Too much stuff!!! Where did it all come from?! When will I finish? Talk to you later, Joan.

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