Weekend wrap up

I feel like I haven’t written much about what’s going on in my life lately, so here’s my attempt to do so.

My moods have been holding steady since the maintenance ECT. Perhaps it’s easier to be in a better mood when you are on a break from classes. But it’s nice to be feeling fine.

My friend Joan moved away this week. I know we can still communicate via e-mail and the blog comments pages, but I lost a great friend with a big heart. Support systems are important to people like me, and I certainly lost a part of that system. I”m tearing up just thinking about the fact that we won’t be having our random banters in the back room of our workplace. I wish Joan and her family well at her new location.

I actually had contact with people. On Friday night, I went to eat Indian food with my friends J and @.

Recently, I’ve become addicted to using the Zoku popsicle making machine. It’s so easy to use, and so entertaining. If you like popsicles, this is the machine for you.


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