common ties

A few days ago, some of my classmates and I got together for dinner since we didn’t have class that night. We originally meant for the gathering to be a discussion about our class on mental health and aging, but instead, we mostly ended up talking about other things….though we did end up touching on some mental health issues, issues of our own. One of the dinnermates, Zak, also has bipolar disorder, so we ended up talking about different drugs we’ve encountered and some of the bipolar symptoms that we’ve had. It was a really interesting conversation to me, because I’m not sure I’ve ever discussed anything about this part of my life with another person with bipolar disorder. As much as it’s fine to talk about my adventures with other people, I did feel comfortable talking to someone that actually understood what I’m talking about without my having to explain certain things. Of course, it may have helped that we were both drinking some frozen margaritas :).

I hope I get to be a part of another dinner conversation with these three other classmates. It makes me realize that I don’t have to be afraid of people as I often am, because in reality, there’s nothing to be scared of.


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