a little unwell

My cat just spilled my water all over the table. I know I should clean it up, but I have no motivation to do so. There’s a family matter that’s going on that should upset me to some point, but I started bawling in front of my mother about five random times today. I need to finish an essay exam for class. Instead, I popped a sleeping pill and waited for everything to just shut down for the day. I feel anxious and sad at the same time. I feel disengaged. Not even ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ could bring me laugh a little bit. In fact, I had to turn the television off because it just became noise (and I really do love tv, so this is not usual for me).

I think this is going in the wrong direction.

It’s now the next morning, and my mood hasn’t changed. I made myself go workout, so now I do have to take a shower, which is good, since I neglected to take one yesterday.

Good thing there’s an appointment with Dr. L scheduled in a few hours.


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