ECT #31 (my 16th maintenance treatment)

So, am I getting depressed because I stopped taking Abilify or is this just grief? According to Dr. L, my psychologist, she thinks it’s grief. But according to Dr. F, my ECT psychiatrist, he think it’s because of my lapse from Abilify.Which expert opinion should I trust more? I don’t really know.

Today was the day for my monthly electroconvulsive therapy. There was nothing all that interesting about the experience except that Dr. F was pretty certain that I needed to go back on Abilify. And that a bunch of students from somewhere got to watch me have ECT. I always wonder what it’s like to watch people have this treatment. How does it feel to be watching a procedure happen that has such stigma attached to it? I personally would like to watch it happen one day….

My mind feels clear now that it’s over, albeit a little nauseous. It did take me two hours to realize that I was currently enrolled in school.  I guess I should call Dr. A, my usual psychiatrist, to write me a prescription for Abilify.


5 Comments to “ECT #31 (my 16th maintenance treatment)”

  1. I love your site and gave you an award! : )

  2. I can’t believe it took me this long to find you! I’ve been receiving ect since November, and been searching the internet for anything that might help me. Yours is the first site I have found that was not anti-ect or just old information. Thank you for writing. And thank you also for the links to others’ blogs and websites.

  3. I have had around 80 ECT treatments. I had severe treatment resistant bi-polar 1 with mixed episodes, I either could not tolerate the medication side-effects or they didn’t work. I have had ECT maintenance for over 3 years. My memory sucks how is your’s? Are you still getting ECT? I have tried to make a wordpress page but I am retarded with this kind of stuff and can’t figure it out….Probably from the ECT’s LOL

  4. Hi, Kat. Well, I’ve been pretty lucky with memory loss in that I forget a lot of stuff for a few hours right afterward but they mostly come back later in the day. As for remembering stuff, I think I’ve lost some of that skill, even though I don’t know if it’s because of the ECT or because I’m just not good at remembering stuff. I am still having maintenance ECT (should be having one next week).

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