“I want to be bipolar”?

According to this commentary by Dr. Diana Chan on BBCnews.com, being bipolar is in fashion.

“Dr Lester Sireling and I have looked into the popularity of bipolar disorder as a self-diagnosis. We believe the phenomena could be due to increased public awareness through the internet, radio and TV, coupled with the willingness of celebrities to talk about their own personal experiences of mental illness.

This appears to have made the disorder less of a stigma, and more acceptable to the public.

A new diagnosis of bipolar disorder might also reflect a person’s aspiration for higher social status and a feeling that by having the condition they too are creative.”

It’s great that bipolar disorder may be more acceptable now, but really, anyone who just wants to be labeled bipolar obviously doesn’t have any idea what it’s like to be bipolar, or have any other mental disorder. Some may associate being bipolar with creativity, but for people with bipolar II, the amount of time spent depressed is 35 times more than time spent hypomanic. And depression does not bode well with any motivation to be creative or trying to live a normal life (showering becomes a chore…you stop being able to get out of your house…everything becomes dull, etc…). And if people think hypomania/mania just leads to more energy, it could also lead to erratic and irrational behavior that’s harmful to self and others.

Besides, it costs so much to treat a mental disorder; wouldn’t people want to spend their money on something else?


7 Responses to ““I want to be bipolar”?”

  1. Oh you wish. Like you said, it’s great if it makes more people seek help rather but to claim that people want to be diagnosed bipolar is just beyond me. Any researcher claiming that should spend some time in my shoes. I have only started to accept this illness after a few years but I would still never ever let’s say told my coworkers about it like I would if I had diabetes.

  2. Weird, I tell no one, absolutely NO ONE, except my husband that I am bipolar, yet these people want to be diagnosed as such and to tell people about it? What is their motive? What are they hoping to gain from it? I see nothing positive from other people knowing you are bipolar. Who would WISH this on themselves unless they truly had the disease and wanted an explanation to themselves about what was wrong with them? Even then, I still wish for a different “label”.

  3. bipolarmaniac, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I don’t even know what people want to do with the label. I mean, do people want to tell their coworkers about it? It’s so odd….


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