art for thought

I came across an illustration in a magazine that really intrigued me.

The illustrator’s name is Edel Rodriguez ( He’s a native of Cuba and has done illustrations for countless magazines, and has even done stamp designs for the US Postal Service.

I think this is kind of how I feel often. I’m never quite free. Whether I’m tied to the illness or to other things in life, I sometimes allow it to hold me back. This illustration just captures this state of self.

For me, I’m constantly going through my own thoughts. as if I’m reworking my ‘yarn-ful’ of thoughts into something else. The thread just keeps coming. Sometimes, that inclination to constantly be introspective leads to a mess.

I guess I like to think. I know when I’m depressed when this swirl of papers and thoughts just come to a halt.

Oh, to have my mind be a place of growth and some direction….and calmness.  Maybe this is what I’m striving toward.

I just really love these illustrations. They all make me think!

2 Comments to “art for thought”

  1. I like the bird coming out of the cage. The song I’ve been listening to on “repeat” on my iphone lately is “Let Me By Myself”, wishing people, especially my psychiatrist, would just let me be me, what is so wrong with me? That’s what it represents to me, the bird wants to be free to what it naturally does, not stuck in a cage.

  2. Beautiful artwork. The bird cage picture is awesome, and definitely made me think about being ‘free’ and yet still feeling held beck or being tied down.

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