morning call

My clock appeared to read 4 am when I awoke this morning. I watched some BBC News (instead of all those paid programming selling me stuff like snuggies), and yet I couldn’t get back to sleep. So, my cat Simon and I decided to come out to the porch with my laptop and some jasmine white tea in hand. I can’t even call this time ‘morning’ just yet. Though the darkness has begun to fade away, certain to be accompanied by the breaking of dawn any moment now, the sky is still without any brightness. The birds and insects are already up and chirping away, however. I wonder what their business is for being up so early when the sun hasn’t even shown its face yet.

My grandfather (my father’s father) passed away yesterday. He was 92.

I don’t even know if I believe in heaven, but perhaps those birds are calling to announce the arrival of a new spirit that has arrived at the gates.

The clouds have now slowly shifted and begun to make room for the morning light. I look up and wonder if he has made it to his destination.

Rest in peace.


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