study: shrimp on prozac makes them ‘suicidal’

well, kind of. But they do become a bit reckless. There’s a story on NPR’s All Things Considered today about research that’s being done in University of Portsmouth in England about how meds like Prozac (fluoxetine) are ending up in our water supply, and that drugs like Prozac bumps up a shrimp’s serotonin levels. Then, the crustacean becomes much more likely to abandon shadowy, safe waters and swim toward the light, where it makes a tempting target for predators.

Here’s the story. It’s really interesting.

The researcher, Alex Ford, tested different concentrations of the drug on tanks of shrimp, and found that shrimp exposed to the fluoxetine were five times more likely to swim into the light.

I’m thinking that instead of taking Prozac everyday, perhaps I can just start eating tons of shrimp…..


2 Comments to “study: shrimp on prozac makes them ‘suicidal’”

  1. Will that work? I do like shrimp.

  2. What an interesting discovery. Makes you think again about the whole notion of normality and what some drugs change in us. Also really makes me consider where we are headed with the amount of pharmaceuticals being spread into our environment. Great post.

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