the ugly truth

Just had to share this cartoon by Rob Rogers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I think this toon captures so well  a national problem we cannot ignore any longer. Regardless of how one may feel about the war, our soldiers do not need to become another casualty, and sometimes fatality, of this war as a result of something that could be treated.


2 Comments to “the ugly truth”

  1. Agree 100%. My parents had a friend that was a Vietnam Vet, couldn’t take it, and drove his motorcycle directly into a semi on the highway. I never forgot that, and I was probably only 12 or so. I really worry about the current and soon-to-be veterans’ mental states.

  2. This is certainly a sad topic. As a military brat i got to see a lot of interesting trends in military bases and families, including my own. Mental health issues for most soldiers are ignored. My sister is planning to use her psychology degree to focus on PTSD soldiers and military families with veterans who have war-time related mental health issues. Thanks for the post.

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