study: “magic” drug for depression?

Ok. I’m sure it’s been a ‘magic’ drug for those people who’ve used Ketamine AKA ‘special K,’ the horse tranquilizer turned recreational drug, at the comfort of their own drug den. But, Ketamine is still a medical drug, and a drug is something that should treat some sort of a medical symptom, right? According to the research published in the newest issue of Science, it suggests that ketamine could be reformulated as an anti-depressant that takes effect in hours rather than the usual weeks and months of most available medication. The lead researcher of the study said, “it’s like a magic drug.”

Ketamine does need to be given intravenously, and one shot will last for about a week.

Here’s the story on Medical News Today.


One Comment to “study: “magic” drug for depression?”

  1. Oh, aren’t we told that if it sounds too good to be true-it probably isn’t true-now the researchers are using snake oil marketing-“it’s like a magic drug”. Unless my life was at stake I wouldn’t even consider this drug. My father is a retired scientist from Baylor College of Medicine…he taught me a lot about research. And, stories of horrible methods-not reliable-fudging data. And, that was years ago. Now, the drugs are being churned out so fast/we have no idea of long term side effects. Often “they” don’t even know of the short term side effects-the latest Meningitis/Lamactil? It angers me so much.

    That’s one reason why I love your blog. ECT therapy has been around a long time. And, you educate people about the truth of ECT treatment. The short term and long term effects are known. It’s been around long enough.

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