Stigma In the Headlines

I was googling to see if there were any interesting news about mental health, depression, bipolar disorder, etc… Some items were worth reading up on, but one headline from the Chicago Sun-Times caught my eye: “Bipolar man gets 9 years for breaking into church.”

Is it of utmost importance that we know that this perpetrator has bipolar disorder? Are we supposed to think differently about this guy because he’s bipolar? This headline gives an assumption that the reason why he broke into the building was because he’s bipolar.

4 Comments to “Stigma In the Headlines”

  1. He himself made his bipolar disorder relevant to the case when he pleaded ‘guilty but mentally ill’. If there was really a stigma attached to being bipolar, he would presumably have kept quiet about it, and it would not have been reported.

  2. He, in my opinion, was using Bipolar Disorder as an excuse for his actions and hoping to get an easier sentence. I agree how many articles do we read about that are positive about Bipolar or any other mental disease. The press and people love the bad stuff. We all are proof that this man is a rarity. Or all of us Bipolar people would be in jail right now!

  3. I have to say one more thing. I hope the guy had a long record. Because he got a hefty sentence. If he doesn’t have a long record he needs help, not jail. He couldn’t afford a lawyer and got an appointed one-not good.

  4. CBTish, thanks for the comment. I didn’t think to look at this situation like that.

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