ECT at-a-glance

in Louisville Courier-Journal 8.29.10

The above info box was published along with the article “Controversial Shock Therapy Back for Severe Depression,” written by Laura Unger and  published in Louisville Courier-Journal today. There’s not necessarily anything new in the article, but it does quote Dr. Peter Breggin, a physician noted for his opposition to ECT, saying that ECT is a “closed-head lobotomy.”

I guess an article about ECT can’t escape from talking about the opposition viewpoint. It’s just that we don’t ever seem to question the potential complications that might arise from other surgeries, such as organ transplants—where we’re literally opening the person up and taking out someone’s organ from his/her body and then putting someone else’s organ back in. Doesn’t that sound a bit dangerous, too?


2 Comments to “ECT at-a-glance”

  1. You make a great point. I would love to hear a debate on this, it would be interesting to hear reactions from those in opposition of ECT. Do you think there is enough current opposition of ECT to host a serious debate , maybe on a college campus?

  2. Thanks for the comment. There are certainly doctors who are opposed to ECT that probably would be willing to debate. If people aren’t necessarily opposed to it, then there are probably plenty of people who don’t know much about or are ambivalent about ECT. That really would be a fascinating debate.

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