open the vents

Let me be bluntly honest here. I don’t know why I feel like this, but I just wish I could take back the last ten or eleven years of my life. Today, I just hate where I am in life. I’m just so disappointed with what I’ve done in my life and the situation I’m in. I’m not necessarily sad or angry. Maybe it’s just that I’m facing reality as it really is.

I feel like I sometimes have a sense of mental calmness in my hands, and I’m just watching it slip through my fingers.

Nothing to analyze today. Just wanted to let out how I feel today. Only time will tell if these are just thoughts I’ll have for today or if they’ll linger. I’m hoping that it’s a one-day thing.


One Comment to “open the vents”

  1. Thought you would like this article.

    You know I’m not a big believer in God, but I think someday it will be clear there was a reason why you went through all this.

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