It’s a family affair

“This Emotional Life,” created by PBS, is a two-year campaign to foster awareness, connections and solutions around emotional wellness. They aired a series of programs in January, but their web site has expanded beyond just those broadcasts.

Today there’s a column by Craig Garner in the Huffington Post (which is partnered with ‘this emotional life’) talking about family members of the mentally ill. The column points out some of the emotions that family members might go through when dealing with a loved one with mental illness. It also lists some of the ways family members can cope. Some of the advice he offers are:

• Confide in a friend.
• Maintain realistic expectations.
• Accept help whenever it is offered.
• Maintain a sense of humor.
• Take time for yourself.

The web site also has a resource finder that allows you to find support organizations in your area simply by entering your zip code.

The site is filled with discussion on various topics on mental health, links to major mental health organizations, as well as other interesting perspectives of people like Larry David.



2 Comments to “It’s a family affair”

  1. Yet another article that made me think of you – and it mentions Knoxville!

  2. Superior homepage, pls contiune your work and keep us update with more entries

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