a little pat on the back

I wasn’t too familiar with OrganizedWisdom.com until I saw that people were being referred to this blog from OrganizedWisdom, so I thought I’d check it out. OrganizedWisdom.com is a search engine that deals with only health topics. According to their web site, “one of the most unique components of OrganizedWisdom is its Expert Curator Community in which every expert must be invited or nominated for inclusion. Top doctors and health professionals use the platform as a way to make their best recommendations discoverable by patients, to promote their practice or knowledge, and to be recognized for their various online endeavors and achievements. Each expert earns achievements determined by the company’s Medical Review Board and an algorithm that incorporates an analysis of their online influence, credentials, certifications, content, achievements, and ongoing contributions.”

For some reason, if you visit http://organizedwisdom.com/Electroshock_Therapy, this “Little Spark” site is listed among the top 6 resources regarding electroshock therapy. I’m really not sure how I got listed among sites like Medscape and one by Mayo Clinic, but I am definitely thankful for the inclusion into this list.

And apparently, the ”littlespark’ blog is currently ranked in the top 100 blogs in English on BlogUpp.com.

I also need to thank Amy K from WEGOhealth (and also of  Una Vita Bella). On one of WEGOhealth’s forums, Amy posted a list of the “12 Top depression blogs to follow”, and I’m so honored that the “Little Spark” blog was included in this great list (which you should certainly take a peek at!).

Thank you, Amy, for including me in a list with amazing blogs on it!


One Comment to “a little pat on the back”

  1. You are most welcome!

    Your blog is most deserving of the recognition it gets! Keep up the amazing work!

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