Halloween decor find

Yes, I actually found this on sale.

I went to Michaels craft store with my sister today. It’s like being in a candy store for me, with the colors and art supplies, all lined up. Like most stores, they obviously had a lot of Halloween merchandise. As I was strolling down those aisles, I came across this lovely home decor.

I’m not sure if I’m offended, or I’m just a bit surprised that some company thought that people would want to put something like this in front of their house. But there clearly must be a market for those who want to turn their home into an ‘insane asylum.’ As I thought more about this ‘decoration,’ it just made me sad to think about people who actually were placed in insane asylums, and how that term is now being used kind of like a joke here. In a way it puts psychiatric hospitals as something to laugh at. And it just gives more ‘permission’ to keep making fun of the ‘crazies.’

I really wonder what would make someone buy this sign for his/her house. Can’t people just be satisfied with putting a jack-o-lantern on their front lawn anymore?


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