‘scoping toward deadlines

“Maybe you underestimated the amount of work you have in front of you or, perhaps, you missed an important piece of information,” started out my horoscope, as I waste away some time on igoogle. It’s not that I act any differently because of what this little blurb says, but today’s horoscope was ridiculously right about what’s going on. I am in middle of trying to finish (and/or start) several papers, take-home exams and an assignment, all which are due early next week (plus something else, which I’ll bring up at a later time). To this statement, the horoscope went on to say, “Either way, there aren’t any sensible reasons for you to complain. You could have seen it coming if you were paying attention”—which is absolutely true since I have known about these projects for a while now.

In addition to not having paid enough attention to my schoolwork, I totally forgot about National Depression Screening Day, which happened yesterday. I once interviewed the coordinator of that effort at a local mental health organization, so I’m sure there were places that did provide screenings. But I honestly didn’t hear or see a thing about it yesterday. It’s too bad, because according to one web site, NDSD is the oldest of the national screening days that we have in this country.

The horoscope closed by saying, “Instead of wasting energy talking about it, just take care of what you need to do as quickly as possible.” Of course, that means ‘stop writing a blog post and get back to real work.’


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