ECT #34 (my 19th maintenance treatment)

The last two days have been the designated fall break from school, so what do I get to do? Have ECT.

Before going up to the treatment area, I had to stop by the business office. It so turns out that my insurance is going to expire at the end of this month, which I’m certainly glad that the insurance company even bothered to tell me about earlier.

Today must have not been a popular day to have ECT because there wasn’t that many people in the treatment room today. My usual anesthesiologist was on vacation, so another anesthesiologist introduced himself to me as I waited for my psychiatrist to get to the treatment room. I found him to be really cute, and I was so tempted to tell him—but I contained myself from making those comments.

My psychiatrist soon came to my bedside, and we talked about how it’s been going the last few weeks. I was supposed to have ECT two weeks ago, so as that date passed, I’ve started to feel increasingly tired. We agreed to have the next ECT in five weeks.

I’d like to write a little more, but I’m still nauseous from today’s treatment. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lortab or just from the ECT itself, but I guess I’ll save my other comments til later.


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