scientific explanation to being suicidal

Scientific American has an intriguing post by Jesse Bering, titled “Being suicidal: what it feels like to want to kill yourself.”

Like you might expect from a science magazine, it attributes suicidality to the escape theory and points to six steps in the theory that make up someone’s desire to want to kill him/herself. Those steps are:

  • Falling short of standards
  • Attributions to self
  • High Self-Awareness
  • Negative Affect
  • Cognitive Deconstruction
  • Disinhibition

For an actual explanation of all these steps, visit the article here.

Thanks to my friend, Tom, for sending me this link.


One Comment to “scientific explanation to being suicidal”

  1. I have to share that while there are some scholarly and interesting points made in this article, I had to stop reading it a little more than halfway through due to the seeming completely insensitive demeanor of the author. Perhaps his audience is meant only for other research psychologists, but even still, the candor and tone of the whole article is flippant and insensitive in my opinion.
    Even in research, the readers should be given a “safe” read that does not make light of the subject matter.

    ~Perhaps I’m oversensitive?

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