Therapy….or a Kate Spade bag?

I sometimes love to look at handbags. No, I don’t really own a bunch of bags, but it’s just so fun to browse by the bag section of a store and take a look at the color, the material, the design, the way it feels when you hold it, etc. In need of some stress release, I went online and spent a little time viewing bags on sale, particularly the ones on I don’t have a Kate Spade bag, so I don’t really know what attracted me to go to that specific site. But I do remember just how popular her square, black handbags were when I was in college. Now, her collection is quite colorful and fun, and there were quite a few on sale, though they were out of my price range.

Anyway, when I was at the nearby mall this weekend (for work), I somehow ended up taking a walk into the Kate Spade store—the first time I’ve ever been to the store, by the way. And I walked straight to the sale area, and there is was: the bag I was nearly drooling over on the web the night before. I held it in my hands and studied the material. I looked at the price tag (which they seem to hide rather well), and it was the same price as it had been on the web site. But something dawned on me: it’s pretty much the price of a single psychotherapy session.

I walked away, albeit somewhat hesitantly, from that kate spade bag but kept thinking about this cost issue. I kind of wondered to myself, what is a session of therapy worth? Could I trade in a few sessions on the couch for, say, a cute bag for my arm?

I know I cannot (or shouldn’t) compare what therapy gives me, which can be worth a lifetime, to what a handbag can give me. But man, do I want that bag….


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