going 11 for 11

It’s November. I don’t know where the last ten months went, but I do know (and see) that I’ve gained at least 15 pounds. Sure, I could reason with myself and say that weight doesn’t matter, but at the same time, I do realize that it’s important to take good care of yourself, which includes maintaining a healthy body weight.

I needed some sort of a scheme to get me to take action. So, here it is. I’m calling it “11 for 11.” The name reflects my goal to lose 11 lbs during this 11th month of the year. Obviously, this would involve getting back to regular exercising, which is good since another study just came out that shows exercise reduces depression risk. (Yes, I did manage to get a workout in today, which I hope means I will follow through on this regimen) I also need to make sure that I eat the right foods, and that I stop snacking before bedtime. (Perhaps buying a 3-lb bag of those Haribo gummy bears is not a part of a healthy diet..)

But this ’11 for 11′ deal encompasses much more. It includes stuff like putting lotion on my hands regularly, cleaning around the house, to meeting my proposed goals for schoolwork.  And aside from all things physical, I hope that this one-month commitment gives me a chance to re-evaluate my mental health. It’s easy to just take the pills and feel like I’m maintaining my mental well being, but it really involves being much more, well, mindful. It’s good to make sure that I am doing what I can to stay mentally fit……which leads back to the whole exercise-as-antidepressant idea.

I’m hoping that I could develop the ’11’ to not just refer to pounds but to eleven objectives to a healthy self. Because honestly, as much as I want to lose the weight, I just really want to see that I can get back in control of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, here’s my start to ’11 for 11.’



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