Looking for the right psychiatrist?

Dr. Lloyd I. Sederer wrote a piece for the Huffington Post today titled, “Finding the Right Psychiatrist.” The tips are pretty much practical ones that you’d think we would all think about, but it’s good to be reminded.

His closing comments are good reminders even for those of us who’ve found the ‘right’ psychiatrist:

as you meet with the psychiatrist, or other mental health professional, keep in mind that he or she is human — just like you. Psychiatrists are not gods and they don’t know everything — nor do other mental health professionals. Good doctors and clinicians are modest about themselves and the art of clinical care. They should put your interests first and offer realistic hope. They should consider and respect you, just as you will consider and respect them. Take the time to find and choose a doctor. You will be glad you did because then the important work of diagnosis and treatment can begin with a focus on what needs to be done, rather than wondering if you are in the right person’s office.


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