Vote today!

As I hope everyone knows, today is election day! Regardless of one’s political leanings, I really, really hope that people just go out and perform this important privilege as an American citizen. Perhaps I feel strongly about voting because I myself cannot vote. So, if someone needs a reason to go vote, do it because there are many in this country who do not get to have this chance to have one’s voice heard………like, for example, this cat in the picture.

Okay, this is my cat, Simon. I dressed him up as a campaign sign for Halloween this year. I figured out a way to make a (barely) tolerable pet costume last year when he had to wear those cone collars after surgery. Using the collar as the base for the costume, I turned him into a daisy last year. This year, I thought the costume could somehow reflect current events. And since it’s election season, why not make him into a campaign sign?

Anyway, whether you are a ‘demoCAT’ or a republican, just vote!


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