Nat’l Survivors of Suicide Day is here!

I was reading through some stuff this week and realized today is National Survivors of Suicide Day (11/20). To my recollection, this is my first time celebrating National Survivors of Suicide Day. Well, is ‘celebrating’ too strong of a word to express my feelings about this day? Perhaps. I’m not necessarily jumping up and down for joy that I’m still alive, not that I’m not happy to be alive or anything. Maybe a better word to express the emotions of this day is that rather than joy, it’s relief. It’s relief that I’ve made, a relief that I’m still standing. It’s actually kind of hard to explain. Because what brings to mind when I think about this day is a mix of feelings that one can’t capture in a single word.  Maybe it’s a tacit understanding among all of us who’ve tried to take one’s own life but are still here.

In truth, this is not a holiday that one should have to celebrate–because I don’t want to see another person have to join this circle of people who are survivors. But maybe we can look at this day as a time to honor everyone, from the survivor him/herself to those who helped each of them through to making it to today. And remember those who have left us.

So, cheers to a happy National Survivors of Suicide Day.



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