ECT #35: (my 20th maintenance treatment)

Today was my 35th electroconvulsive therapy.  When I got to the treatment prep room, there was another person that was closer to my age waiting for her turn, too. We sat next to each other as we got our vitals checked, and usually, the patients don’t really communicate with each other while waiting, but she and I ended up chatting for a little bit. We talked some about each other’s experiences with ECT, and she asked me questions about how I’ve been doing since starting ECT. I think she was relieved to hear that my personal ECT adventure hasn’t been quick, easy or miraculous as one might have been led to believe it will be. It was also nice for me to get to talk to her since it’s not very often that I get to talk to someone who’s shared this similar path.

I’m now back home, and even though I remembered the above conversation, I can’t remember anything else that’s going on in my life right now. I should be glad that I’m not really having problems with memory about past events, but wow, is it really weird to not even remember what classes I’m taking this semester. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I need to do this week, or what day of the month it is. Good thing I wrote down stuff in my planner because I would have forgot about doing an assignment or even going to class tomorrow. And usually, the stuff I forget after usually comes back after several hours, so I’m counting on that.

I’d like to lounge around the rest of the day, but just realized I have an assignment due for tomorrow. I guess I’ll get started on resuming my life.


One Comment to “ECT #35: (my 20th maintenance treatment)”

  1. ECT causes brain damage. It is not a cure. The euphoria lasts for 4 weeks – the same time it takes to recover from a brain injury then you are back where you started with depression but also with the problem of permanent memory loss and difficulty learning anything new.
    Psychiatrists do not tell you the negatives. Find someone who will get you off the prescription drugs if you are on any – they are probably doing the harm.
    Click on the ECT tab at
    This last story will shock you.

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