have courage.

So….I  bought a Kate Spade bag. Not the one I was thinking about buying when I wrote the previous post, but it’s still a Kate Spade bag. It’s a small, cross-body bag in an interesting olive green color that’s good all-year-round. I’ve never owned a Kate Spade bag, so I was excited about the softness of the leather, etc., and then, I noticed something else. On the back of the zipper pull, there’s a stamped message in gold: HAVE COURAGE. It’s such a small detail on a bag that probably could be ignored, but the message was something I needed at this time.

It’s late November, and it’s a time when I start losing steam. I start lacking energy to finish out the semester strong, even if I’ve been doing well the whole time up until now. I neglect things that need to be done and lose care about what needs caring, including  myself. It’s a semi-annual problem, I suppose. But it’s also a problem whenever the big ‘D’ (depression) decides to stop by. I become too easy to just get knocked around and lose ground.

But today, I realize I can’t just give up so quickly.  And looking at the message on my bag kind of reminds me that I am strong enough to push on through and keep on going. It really is such an interesting touch to a bag, but for me, an important one. Like I now have a little motivator by my side now.

Wow. There isn’t much time left until the end of the year, and with this bag by my side, I’ve got to remember that I’ve just got to focus and get done with the tasks that need to be done, one by one.



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