it’s the end of the month already?


I understand that posting of this image without permission is illegal.  However, it was too cute not to share. This is from a nationally-syndicated comic strip “Mutts” by Patrick McDonnell.  It’s about Mooch the cat, Earl the dog, and their friends. It is an amazing and funny series.

I just noticed that there was only an hour left of this day. Just as Mooch says, I don’t really know where today, or rest of November, for that matter, went. I feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing this month. Let’s just hope that the next month is a bit more productive. Is this the ‘winter blues’ that’s making me sound so unhappy? NJToday had an article on “Tips for Reducing Holiday and Post-Holiday Depression.” Tips included:

  • Maintain strong social contacts all yearlong, not just at holiday time.
  • Get physical exercise. Daily exercising sends more oxygen to brain cells and results in improved mood.
  • Focus on positive images in your life. Be thankful for small moments of grace within the holiday whirl.
  • Get plenty of sleep all year around and especially during the holidays.
  • Identify worthwhile things to do beyond wrapping and shopping. Donate your time to others in need.
    (more in the article)

The tips are rather basic and stuff we probably already know.  But I guess I could always use a reminder.


One Comment to “it’s the end of the month already?”

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