personal blog topics

Obviously, I’ve had some trouble writing a post this month. It’s not that there’s been nothing going on in my life, but something’s been causing me to not be able to write. Though not knowing what to write about hasn’t necessarily been the problem here, I figured I should put together a list of some potential blog topics. The prompts probably make sense for blogs of more personal nature, but regardless, lists are always kind of fun and a place to gather different ideas. Anyway, here is a list of 50 potential blog topics/prompts………

  1. How I’m feeling today
  2. What gives me hope
  3. Ways to feel better today
  4. What it feels like to be a ________
  5. Quote of the day
  6. I am anxious about…
  7. Why having a pet’s been good for me
  8. Book review
  9. Am I doing this right?
  10. Pick a word and write about it
  11. I found an interesting blog/web site
  12. An observation I made
  13. My favorite color
  14. How can I improve my week?
  15. Gratitude
  16. Thing(s) I’m frustrated about
  17. A childhood memory
  18. Thing(s) I’m happy about
  19. Why I chose to do_________
  20. I like this song because….
  21. I learned that….
  22. Maybe I was wrong
  23. A person I admire
  24. things to-do
  25. My take on a current event
  26. I am special because….
  27. things not to do
  28. my own signs of when things aren’t going well
  29. I laugh about…
  30. basics of my illness/condition/etc.
  31. What I didn’t expect
  32. my wish list
  33. stuff I’d like to try
  34. What I regret
  35. My dreams
  36. Why I made the decision I made
  37. There’s more to life than this
  38. What I’ve learned from my pet
  39. I want….
  40. Ways to improve my blog
  41. Something I’d like to remember
  42. Ways to improve my life
  43. What makes me ‘me’
  44. What I really want to say
  45. I cry because….
  46. Something I’d like to forget
  47. Today, I plan to….
  48. When I found out __________
  49. What needs to change
  50. I believe…..

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