recovering from a nervous breakdown

Mark Rice-Oxley is the assistant news editor at The Guardian, a British publication. He wrote about his depression, which started after he turned 40, in an article which was published in August. He`s now followed up on his recovery in a section: `What Happened Next: My Recovery from Depression.`

A little excerpt……

“Don’t let the kids see,” I mouthed at him. But it wasn’t the kids I was worried about. Going public about such a private thing as a depressive breakdown that struck on my 40th birthday was probably a risk I shouldn’t have taken. It wasn’t hard to tell the story: it just sort of fell out of me on to a nearby computer screen over a series of good days in July. It made for a satisfying narrative, with a clear-cut beginning, middle and end. Only, as it turned out, it wasn’t quite the end……”

Just as Rice-Oxley states above, I think we all wish, or at least almost assume, that there will be some sort of an end to our depression (or whatever other illnesses we face), just like any other story. But it goes on……and on and on. Perhaps the trick is to not necessarily wish that it would somehow end soon, but to `enjoy` the ride in some way possible. It is what it is, I try to say to myself.


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