In just a few hours, it will be 2011 here in Japan. The New Year in Japan is kind of like Thanksgiving, loaded with tradition—and food (I hope to post some pics of the food and stuff later). It would be easy for me to look back and write out my regrets and disappointments over these last 365 days, but as the new year draws closer, I`m starting to think it would be better if instead I readied myself for this new beginning. So…I want to spend the remaining moments of this year filled with thankfulness. Sometimes, we don`t talk about expressing being thankful except in times of Thanksgiving, but I figure that it`s something I should be doing throughout the year anyway–and why not do it a day before the new year?

The one that I wish to mention is that I am grateful to all the support I have received from everything (not just `everyone,` because it has to include my cat) over this past year. It is really odd that just two years ago, I never imagined myself to be around for this moment. But I am. And I am grateful for this life, too. Sure, I still struggle with this issue, but perhaps there is some virtue in contemplating what it means to be alive rather than simply existing on this earth without questioning anything (Note: I certainly do not wish for people to have to ever go through having thoughts of hurting themselves).

While I am grateful to many things, I still want to say that I am grateful I get a new start in a few hours. Even though I don`t really know where the time went, I feel ready to just get this year over with.


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