Happy 2nd birthday, `little spark`!

Two years ago today, I decided to start keeping a journal `Jumpstarting a Life with a Little Spark to the Head.` I simply meant for it to be a personal diary as I went through ECT for the five weeks following that start. Well, I`m still here, and apparently, the journal (and ECT) decided to stay around a little longer, too. There`s more to say on this occasion (which will have to be done at a later time), but for now, just wanted to wish it a happy second birthday, and hopefully, and many more….


4 Comments to “Happy 2nd birthday, `little spark`!”

  1. Thanks for maintaining this site. I consider myself a depression “success” story; having fought severe depression with support of family and friends, great doctors, and maintenance ECT treatments. I urge people to have faith and marshall all the resources you can to help you.

  2. Yes, Happy, happy birthday! And many, many more.

  3. Dear KS, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you have been successful in fighting depression. Please let me know if you’d like to contribute any thoughts to the journal sometime! I’d love to get any advice or suggestions that you think would be helpful to others. I definitely agree that getting all the support you can is truly important. Hope to keep in touch.

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