scenes from the homeland

I figured out the slideshow thing on WordPress.  Here are a few more photos from my stay in Japan. My sister and I were supposed to leave Japan yesterday, but the snow in the US caused some flight cancellations, thus causing us to stay for another night here in the `homeland. `  I know these photos aren`t related to mental health stuff, but they do represent a part of who I am, so I figured I`d share them.  More to come, because I took a lot of photos….

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2 Comments to “scenes from the homeland”

  1. Happy New Year (a little late)! Love your photos of Japan. One of my sons has a fascination with Japan and is determined to visit it some day—-perhaps you will be our tour guide. For his social studies project, he selected “Feudal Japan”. Also, I’m planning to walk/run the Country Music Half Marathon. Want to join me? I hate running and I hate breathing hard, but I know I can go the distance. Take care, kiddo. Joan

  2. Joan, Thank you! I”m not sure I could be a good tour guide since I really don’t know much about Japan, especially its history. Maybe your son could be my guide! I hope he has a good time studying the topic. As for the Country Music Half Marathon, I’ve never done anything like that before, not even a 5K, but that actually sounds like a really awesome challenge for the year. I will definitely get back to you.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011!

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