You’re only a day away….

I can’t really recall having lived through all 31 days of January, but I guess February is here. In the past month, I’ve been reading the book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami (it’s the book I talked about wanting to read a few weeks ago), and it has been making me think that I might want to run. Then this past Sunday, I had brunch with my friend Joyce at this European-style place in town. We had a wonderful meal and a wonderful conversation, accompanied by a little mimosa. We somehow got on the topic of running, and she told me about her experience with running. When she started to explain her experience with the ‘runner’s high,’ it suddenly made me want whatever it was that she felt whenever she ran. So, I told myself that I will begin my attempt at running starting February 1. I have some running shoes, a shirt and pants to wear, and a semi-safe area where I’ve staked out for running. Everything’s set, so I thought.

The morning came, and instead of being awakened by sunlight hitting my eyes, I noticed that I had an incredibly bad headache. And on top of that head pain, the rest of my body ached. It became obvious to me I caught a cold. “I won’t run as hard,” I thought to myself, and then looked beyond my windows. It’s dark, and it is raining hard. The pavement was completely covered by the rainwater and looked like they’ve become a part of a little creek or a river. Clearly, today would not be my day to start running.

So, my resolution to go run on the 1st did not actualize, and sure, I’m a little upset that I broke my own plan. But if I think about it, it’s really just a matter of starting a day late. And how much difference will a single day make as long as I am still committed to start running?  There’s a quote, “There’s Always Tomorrow,” and I should just be thankful that there is a tomorrow for me.  It’s another day for me to stay excited in imagining what a runner’s high feels like. Well, before I do that, I’ll work on trying to get this cold out of my body…And I hope the rain will have subsided by sun-up.

3 Comments to “You’re only a day away….”

  1. I hope you take up running! It is truly a great mood regulator…but just a word of warning – the runners high will NOT start right away. Depending on your fitness level, there will be one to four weeks of just feeling BAD while you run. Although during those periods I do feel an elevated mood after the run, even though the run itself is just plain awful.

    I have a tendency, that I know I should avoid, to beat myself up during those first weeks. “Why did I stop running in the first place? I can feel my fat jiggling! Other people in this gym must think I look ridiculous!” That’s always a really tough time, but the outcome is totally worth it.

    As you know, I am not the most consistant exerciser, so I have experienced the “hard” part, a number of times and thought i would warn you. It’s not all roses, but don’t give up!

  2. Hi, Becky! Haven’t “talked” to you in such a long time! Thank you for the warning. That was much needed. Between the cold, the weather and my not having a gate remote, I haven’t honored this little commitment of mine. But I will (so I say, as I chow down on some McD’s….). Remember when we did that ‘Body for Life’ thing? I think I jogged a little bit during that short period of time, so I guess that’s some indication that I could actually run….

    Yes, my fat will be jiggling when I start this whole thing, but it would be really nice for the jiggling to somehow go away. I suppose exercising really is the only way to get that to go away.

    Hope we keep in touch more often!

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