news: do the “crazy” dance

This picture really is worth, well, maybe a, “WTF?”

The linked photo is of the varsity dance team from Waunakee High School, in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Their “We Get Crazy” routine features the 18 dancers in straitjacket costumes with the words “Psych Ward” written on the front. (Read the local story)

Apparently, it took until this February for anyone to get a little disturbed over this routine. Even now, there’s only been mostly local media coverage…..except from Rick Chandler, a columnist on “Off the Bench” blog on Here’s what Chandler had to say, though not about the dance team routine, but about the (delayed) reaction from “mental health advocates.”

Thought I’d get this out for now. My own comments to come a little later.



One Comment to “news: do the “crazy” dance”

  1. You may or may not know I have been all over this issue this week. While the high school seems to be making some good progress in dealing with the issue, see here: NBC has yet to address it and neither has their journalist Rick Chandler. I made a short video urging people in the mental health community to come forward and share their thoughts and feelings with Rick Chandler. You can see the video and one of my blog posts about it here: I’ve also written about it on WEGO Health and have tweeted about it a ton. =) Glad to see you taking an interest in it, too!

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