Carry Your Pills in Style!

Yes, this is a “Style Alert” for depressed people….

Some people look for the perfect shoe, others look for the perfect bag. I’ve been looking for the perfect pill box. Well, I don’t go “pillbox shopping,” but I currently have one that I think is kind of cute and funny.

I found this one in the picture at PotteryBarn in December in the stocking stuffers section (I’m not quite sure they still sell this one anymore). It’s metal, and this little quote, “My cure for everything,” makes me chuckle since sometimes, these meds sure feel like ‘my cure for everything.’ And other times, they are everything I don’t feel like dealing with.

It’s a pill box, but that’s not all it is! The inside lid is also a mirror, so I can take my pills while I put on some lipgloss.;)

There are plenty of other, cuter pill boxes available, like at, where they have a lot on display. But I think I’ll stick with the one I have for now.

One Comment to “Carry Your Pills in Style!”

  1. I love it! I wonder if they still carry it… =)

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