a valentine thank-you

I noticed today, when I was picking up some pizza at Papa John’s, that they were advertising their heart-shaped pizzas. Obviously, they’re meant to be eaten today, for Valentine’s Day. I guess couples can have a romantic night by sharing a slice of their heart-shaped takeout food. Okay, I could go on and mock yet another holiday involving consumerism extravaganza, but some part of me also wanted to join in celebrating this day. This might be a tricky proposal since I don’t have a significant other, and I just live with a cat, who probably doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day…..or any other holiday. But I still wanted to extend my love to some people. I usually express my gratitude to friends and family, so I thought, who do I need to express my appreciation to for making my life better? I realized that the supporters of this journal really do keep me going from day to day, so here’s a little list of people that I’d like to show my appreciation to this Valentine’s Day:

  • Subscribers via my journal, Google Reader, Networked Blogs, and other methods of getting my posts:  Thank you for your constant support.  I hope the entries you get have been something you want to read.
  • Visitors: I am grateful that I have people that actually want to visit this journal. Thank you for stopping by and reading my random commentaries.
  • Commenters: Sometimes, getting a comment on a post does make my day. I really appreciate your taking time to express your thoughts.
  • Future visitors: I’m always happy to find out that I have new visitors/readers. Thanks, in advance, for finding my blog! And hope we can meet up sometime over at Twitterland. I’m @ECTchronicles

I really, truly am grateful to all those who have helped me on this journey. I extend my heart in sincere appreciation and hope that you come again soon!


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