It’s time for President’s Day Sale weekend, and predictably, I made my way through several stores to see just what I wouldn’t be able to live without. So, I went to West Elm, an affordable, contemporary furniture store with other knickknacks. I headed straight to their sale table since those were extra 25% off, and I found these stamp kits, made by Yellow Owl Workshop. The kit had two stamps: a cage, and a bird. I’ve never really played much with stamps, but this really intrigued me. So, I picked up this set, stamp ink, and a rhino eraser (which were all on sale).

I went home, found some decent piece of white paper, and untied the ribbon that tied the bag that contained the stamps. I first picked up the cage and pressed the rubber into the red stain. Then I pushed the piece hard onto the paper to make sure that the ink would stick. I peeled the mold off the paper, and a pretty birdcage was stamped, just as expected. Now, I repeated the whole routine for the bird, except I now had to pick where I needed to place him. Should I have him perched in the cage, or flying far, far away in the sky? I decided to place him sort of in a happy medium, where he looks like he’s flying out, but then again he could very well be stilling on the outer wire. I then stamped another red bird that’s obviously flying away. But I keep thinking if there’s any significance in my placing the first bird in such precarious position. While I’ve become more independent in mind and life as I’ve grown older, I still feel safety from having a cage-like structure around me. As I look up to see that bird flying away, I wonder, can I get there, too?

In my next stamp composition, maybe I’ll have all the birds flying—but with no cage around.


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