taking care of self, starting with the lashes

I was cleaning out my closet today when I came across a little Kiehl’s bag tucked way behind a a pair of some shoes. And lo and behold, there’s product in the bag! I found a totally unused yummy, black-raspberry lip gloss and a stick of  black mascara. They must have sat in my closet for a long time since I really don’t remember having bought those items in the last few months. Looking at this new stick of mascara, it dawned on me that I hadn’t worn any mascara this year. Have I not gone out to any place that warrants putting a little mascara on?

I think that, in general, I’ve been kind of bad at taking care of my physical self, especially as of recent. My nails are all chewed up and stubby, and I’ve really put on a lot of weight. My hair’s been needing a haircut for a while, and I’ve been wearing the same jeans all the time as if I didn’t own anything else.  I’m not saying all of this for vanity sake, but I really think there is some value in taking care of your physical self—–because it, too, makes up part of the whole being. Giving yourself time to put on some nail polish isn’t a waste of time, but it just means I actually spent time on myself, me. And if taking a few minutes to apply a coat of paint gives me a little boost, why not do it?  Sure, my putting on some mascara isn’t going to make me feel oh, so much better, but it signals that I did spend some time taking care of me (and my lashes).

Well, now that it seems I own some mascara (and nice mineral mascara from Kiehl’s, for that matter), maybe I will put some of that on, along with pants not made out of denim, and face the rest of the world tomorrow……even if that really just means “Go to Home Depot and exchange the shower set.”

Oh, and Happy International Women’s Day!


3 Comments to “taking care of self, starting with the lashes”

  1. I know what you mean! For me it is my eyebrows. If I can keep them in shape I know I am doing ok. I have to work most days and that forces me to change my clothes regularly but I find if I am feeling low I never wear ear rings or necklaces and let my eyebrows grow bushy and unkempt. My best friend can tell my mental state by what I am wearing, or not wearing!

  2. Bluejay– oh, yes, the eyebrows, too!! That reminds me….I need to get back to trimming them :) So, how are you doing lately?

    Hope you have a good day.

  3. Isn’t it just the coolest to find something so neat like that you forgot you had!???? I love it when that happens but its rare it does lol! I say you just have some fun with it girl and enjoy it!!! Dress yourself up and go to even the smallest place if that is what it takes lol!!! :) You go girl! :)

    Stephanie :)

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