Here comes Rhymin’ Simon

Most people that know me have been told that my cat is named Simon, after Paul Simon, the musician. And I will be seeing Paul Simon live on stage tomorrow night!! It’s really like meeting the long, lost godfather to my (feline) child for the first time. I saw him and Art Garfunkel once at a much larger venue, but I can hardly wait to see him solo at a more  intimate setting.

This morning, I’ve been looking up set lists for the other dates that he’s played during this tour and seeing if I need to review any songs. We all have artists that we like to listen to while we drive. I truly am in love with so many of his song lyrics—–as in, I’m emotionally invested in them. But this emotional investment don’t feel as painful as it used to be lately. Rather, it feels beautiful. I just feel glad that I am able to experience emotions without it pulling me into a dark place. Maybe this is one indicator to let me know that I am doing better. And what good timing, because I want to be able to experience tomorrow’s concert  with my mind and heart in a right place. Sure, I have things to worry about, but it really feels good to feel okay to have to deal with worries and frustrations. Suddenly, it’s as if I realized that I still have a future regardless of what rocky roads must be taken to get further along.

Anyway, all I’m thinking about today is that tomorrow’s Paul Simon concert.


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