a little high-5 to me :)

Mastersinpsychology.net recently posted a list of what they think are the TOP 50 BLOGS ABOUT DEPRESSION on the web today. And apparently, this “Little Spark” blog is one of their picks. They thought my journal “is a standout choice for showing how the treatment works and how well it worked for her.” To the makers of this list, thank you so much for even finding my blog and including me in the company of some amazing blogs.  I am really honored. I have to admit it is humbling to be recognized, and it made my morning to find this out.

Also, congrats to my friend Amy’s blog Una Vita Bella for being a part of this list, too.

This TOP 50 BLOGS ABOUT DEPRESSION list is an amazing compilation of blogs worth checking out. It even gives a short description on all the blogs they mentioned.  Hope you get to see the list.


2 Comments to “a little high-5 to me :)”

  1. Congrats! Once they found you, they had to pick you!

  2. Thank you, Fattoush!

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