getting back to a routine

Since mid April, it’s pretty obvious I’ve been really lax about keeping up with my journal. I suddenly lost whatever it was that got me writing at a consistent pace, and it’s been kind of hard for me to pick it all back up again. But it’s really not just the journal that’s lost that rhythm in my life. I’ve been really terrible about taking care of my physical self—little exercise, bad eating habits, etc.  In the last few months, I think I’ve  reached my heaviest weight ever. As much as I’d like to tell myself that I love my body however it may look, I also know that lack of exercise contributes to depression. So I’ve reached a point where I realize that I need to get back in shape.

Luck would have it, Groupon recently offered a very discounted rate to a nearby Koko Fit Club, so my boyfriend and I purchased the one-month membership to get our fit regimen going. Koko’s a really interesting ‘gym’ where all members have a flash drive that they insert into their gym equipment, which guides the members throughout the 30-min. workout. It not only establishes the workout for the day, but based on the workout, it personalizes the next session for you (I’m not explaining this system very well here.  It really is very cool). Since redeeming our groupon on Friday, we’ve made it over to Koko everyday since then. I hope we’ll keep up this initial enthusiasm for this program.

And speaking of enthusiasm, I’m starting to regain that umph for writing in my journal. So, my goal for this blog is to write/post at least once every other day.  I think setting very specific goals help me in attaining my larger goal than simply coming up with some nebulous, broad wish. Without defining some short-term, routine tasks to do, I won’t have a road map that can guide me in reaching my goal of losing weight or writing more.

A little update on my emerging hypomania: I’ve also been using this ‘routine’ idea to combat a potential hypomanic debacle from happening. Regular exercise, lots of sleep (thanks partly to Tylenol PM), and staying active throughout the day have almost squashed that agitated self. I hope I am back on track…



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