ECT Lessons-I’ve-Learned #11: post-ECT aches

One can probably guess that headaches could be a problem after waking up from ECT. And while I don’t always get them each and every time, I did have them for a while this time around. Headaches can be taken care of by taking your usual pain meds—or something else, should your doctor choose to prescribe you something like Lortab.

The ache that bothered me more this time wasn’t the one in my head, but the one in my throat. I thought that my jaw would hurt more because of the bite block and all, but I really had an issue with my throat hurting for about a day or so afterward. I’m not quite sure how it is that my throat hurt so much (probably because of the oxygen being pumped in at some force), but other than the headache, this is another type of ache that shouldn’t be a surprise if you do end up having a sore throat. I didn’t try to treat it with anything in particular, such as lozenges or hot tea, though it did bother me some. But it eventually went away.


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