What are some barriers to mental health treatment? Help find out.

My friend is an undergraduate student at an university in southeastern United States, and is conducting research into the barriers which people perceive when they try to access mental health services, and whether or not a person’s race influences their perception of those barriers. He is conducting a series of online focus groups. If you are interested, by clicking on the link below (or here: bit.ly/kx3AiE), you will be taken to a prescreening survey where you will answer some basic demographic questions and enter contact information; the survey take less than 5 minutes. He will then email or text you the passcode information for the chat room While the chat sessions will be recorded, no identifying information will be associated with the transcript, and the only people who have access to your name will be him and his faculty advisor.

Because this is a study about racial barriers, you must be willing to identify your ethnicity, so that data can be generated from the sessions. You do not need to have received mental health treatment to join the discussion. If you are not available for any of the chat sessions, please contact him at mattb291@gmail.com and he will attempt to set a time for an interview. Thank you in advance for participating in the discussion about this important topic.

And if possible, please pass this message on to anyone that might be interested!



One Comment to “What are some barriers to mental health treatment? Help find out.”

  1. The sessions for the research study have been extended through the 27th – with the exception of a few hours in the afternoon for class, interviews can be conducted any time, once you get your passcode, jump in the chat room: if I’m not there I left my number – text me and I will be there right away. Thank you.

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