getting involved in the community

My friend Alexandra recently recommended me to be a member on the Young Professionals Board of the Park Center, a local agency that provides opportunities and promotes recovery of persons with mental illness through holistic services that focus on their needs, choices and strengths (See their PSA above). I haven’t been officially ‘inducted’ into the group yet, but with a meeting coming up with their development director in the next week, it’s almost certain that I will soon be on the board of the Park Center in the fall. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity for me, and I hope that I can gain further insight into the mental health community through being involved with this organization.

I think this commitment will affect this journal/blog in some way, because I’m definitely looking forward to talking about all that the Park Center does, because their gamut of programs, from homeless outreach to pre-employment vocational services, are really amazing. Because I do have this blogosphere platform, I believe I have an obligation to talk more about mental illness beyond my own experiences. While I don’t plan on changing the tone of this journal, I’m sure that, as I become more aware about the projects that they have, I’ll certainly be more inclined to write about them.

My soon-to-be relationship with Park Center will open an amazing new chapter to becoming more than just a blogger about the mental health community, and I’m really looking forward to it!

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  1. Where are you lady? I miss you.

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