planting the seedling

It’s early afternoon on a Friday, and I’m sitting inside a Starbucks, facing a giant window that allows me to watch all the people coming and going from this retail strip. The sky is gray today, and it’s as if you can see all the individual droplets of rain that’s hitting the pavement since they are all close to being snowflakes, but not quite. There is no sign of the sun or the blue sky coming anytime soon. There are no leaves on the trees, so the branches have that look of bleakness that they sometimes give off when they look more like old, frail fingers instead of supporters of green leaves.

In spite of what I can see out this window, I know spring is coming.

Money has been tight in our household. My fiance is in graduate school full-time, and I haven’t had a real job in months. This current situation, looking at it on its own, looks bleak. But the thing is, the reason why I came to Starbucks today wasn’t to pass some time. It’s to work on an article I have to write for a freelance gig that I have. I know I’m being grossly underpaid, but I’m getting paid, to write. The topic I’m having to write about today is advice about becoming successful as an entrepreneur. I’m using an analogy about how you need to start with a narrow focus or a product for the business, because businesses are like planting trees. Trees all need that single root that anchors them so that they can grow for years to come and weather the storms and all the bad stuff that can happen to trees.

I have to look at these little gigs as all part of an actual desire to be writing and editing professionally. And I can’t get there without doing more writing and editing for anyone that needs it, at almost any price. Building experience in retail (the old job) doesn’t count for anything if my goal is to not be in retail. So, as much as I am worried about the finances (not to mention planning some sort of a nuptial plan, since I’m engaged and all), I recognize that I am doing what needs to be done. I really have no choice but to get it done, but I also know that I was the one that made the choice to do so.

…………though I must say, I felt some relief when my fiance got a call today from a business about doing bookkeeping for them (he’s studying accounting).

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