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January 28, 2011

I can’t quit you

There’s a topic that’s come up from time to time in my posts. And it’s time once again to bring the topic up. Yes, the one about my relationship with zolpidem tartrate, commonly known as Ambien.  I’ve pledged previously to stop taking these little sleepy pills because it’s just not good to take them all the time. Even the Ambien company points out that side effects include next day drowsiness, headaches, sleepiness and dizziness. And when the company itself tells you about those issues, there’s clearly reason to stop. Despite all of these very clear reasons why I need to stop taking them, I have made my way back to the arms of this night-time companion (as pictured above).

I realize that if I’m serious about quitting, I need to devise a plan. And  How to Stop Taking Sleeping Pills and Stay Sane pretty much hashed out what I should watch for when choosing to get off sleeping pills.

  • Taper off gradually
  • Expect that you may have trouble sleeping for about 1 to 3 weeks
  • Be patient and know that it is temporary
  • Don’t be surprised if you dream more.
  • Might experience physical symptoms like anxiety, shaky hands, muscle tension and dizziness
  • Keep a sleep diary

There’s also the usual stuff that people should/shouldn’t do anyways if they want to get good sleep .

  • No caffeine after lunch
  • Wind down gradually before bed
  • No TV in the bedroom
  • Read in bed if it helps you
  • Practice relaxation exercises

Okay. Now that I’ve laid out some guidelines, I should be ready to leave behind this terrible habit, right? They say, old habits die hard.  Well, we’ll see just how hard…..



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