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April 2, 2009

Financial Abili[t]y for Abilify

“If your anti-depressant only isn’t enough, Ask your doctor about Abilify,” says that soothing male voice on that commercial about Abilify, a drug that was approved for add-on treatment for major depression in 2008. Suppose your doctor does say, “Abilify may be right for you!, then the starting dosage that s/he probably wrote on that little piece of Rx paper should be between 2-5mg. That is the recommended starting dosage when taking Abilify as an adjuvant treatment.

The advertisement makes it look as though the working mother or the Union dad could go back to work again feeling fine once they get this help. But at what cost, financially speaking?

$485.95. That’s the cash price for a 30-Days worth of Abilify at 2mg. The price obviously goes up as the dosage is raised.

If you have health insurance with prescription benefits, congratulations! You will likely just pay the copay that is significantly less than the face value.  But we are not all insured. In a time when over 40 million Americans are uninsured and who knows how many are under-insured, will they even be able to afford Abilify, even if this is exactly what works for them? The hope that there is a treatment out there to help you flashes over and over again on screen. Yet this mere possibility itself may be attainable to you only if you have the financial ability first.

Perhaps that voice-over guy in the commercial should say a little disclaimer: We’re sorry. If you are not insured, this advertisement does not concern you, unless you’d like to trade in your house payments for these little green pills.

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